Monday, January 28, 2008


I entered a contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom, and I won this great book!

I can't wait to receive it and start reading. I'll post a review once I've finished it.

Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom! I love winning things. :)



I took this from a friend's blog, and since she is a "friend in real-life" friend, I can't link back to her. But thanks.

I thought this was kind of fun and a great way to procrastinate the four huge projects I need to start for work.

Type your answer to each of the items listed below into a Google image search and post a photo from the first results page.

Favorite Animal
One of Your Favorite Places
A place you would like to visit
Your college major (I think this is an odd photo for Psychology)
Favorite holiday
A bad habit
Age at next birthday
Favorite food
Middle name (and no, it's not Hosanna in spite of what the picture says)
Favorite color
Where you live


Friday, January 25, 2008


I had gr.aft surgery this morning. Not fun. It's the third time I've had it done, and I saw a new per.iodon.tist for this and I don't like how he did it. It's really uncomfortable, although only slightly painful, and the packing they used to protect the donor gum site tastes awful. The per.iodon.tist I used before didn't use packing, just a plastic shield which was more comfortable.

I'm also starving. A bowl of pudding doesn't do much to fill you up. Husband is bringing home a milkshake, so that will be good. My parents are in town to watch J, so they are off at the chil.dren's museum right now with him and I'm just watching tv and doing a little work.

I've got a big meeting for work on Tuesday and I'm hoping I can talk by then! And that this packing doesn't make my br.eath stink.

This may explain why I like Donna Reed so much

YOU BELONG IN 1959You Belong in 1959

You belong in 1959

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

What Year Do You Belong In?

Taken from Sugar and Ice. Thanks!

Monday, January 21, 2008

the music of the past

I think I'm going to have to stop listening to some of my favorite music - I've realized that it just has too strong of a connection to things, and people, and events, of my past that every time I hear these songs, I think too much of the past. And while that might be good sometimes - because it's always nice to realize how far you've come - it can really pull you down to focus so much on the past.

I love these songs and the artists, and sometimes I love the memories they evoke. But lately they've just made me more nostalgic for the past, and I've been spending too much time thinking about some of the people in my past and what they're doing and what might have been.

And that's just no good for right now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Why moms should not drink

It's not so much fun to stay out late and drink wine when you have to get up at 545 am because you have a wide awake child!

We went out last night with some friends for a char.ity event. It was fun, and I took lots of mental notes for myself for work. The event was at a great venue - a restaurant with an upstairs party space - and they had a huge silent auction and live auction. That's something I've been thinking about doing for my, and so I was able to think about some ideas and how we might do it. One thing I noticed is that you really have to have a good balance between the number and type of auction items and the number of people attending. The event last night had way too many items given the number of attendees, and so many of the items only had one or two bidders and there was not much competition to drive the price up because there were many similar items people were spreading out the bids across. But then I think about an event that I went to a few months ago and they had too few items for the number of people, and they were very specialized items, so only a handful of people ending up bidding on them. They did have a child photo package at that event and some women beat me on it because she grabbed the sheet and put her name down AFTER they had already collected the sheets! Turns out she knew the person going through all the silent auction sheets - I'm still bitter. :)

Anyway, I'm thinking about work because I have so much to do. And instead of doing it, I'm sitting her nursing my hangover. It's mid-afternoon, J is asleep, and even though this is my main work time today, I still have too much of a headache and am too tired to do anything that requires energy. I did work a few hours this morning because I had a community meeting to attend, so at least I got something done today.

Anyway, back to last night. The event was good but they had very little food available, even though the event ran from 5:30 to 9ish. I was very surprised that there was not something more dinner-like offered, but all that they had were some very light snack type food. We ended up going to the restaurant and eating there, which was great. I had a wonderful steak, mac and cheese, and apples and ice cream for dessert. Yum.

We came home and me being slightly tipsy, I chatted way too much with the sitter, who I'm sure was ready to go. I can't quite remember what I was telling her about; I hope it wasn't anything inappropriate!

We're taking it easy this weekend - Husband is taking J to a bas.ebal.l event tomorrow so I have the day to myself! It will be a nice change after having Husband at work most of the last few Saturdays and me at home with J all day. I do have a short meeting for work tomorrow to visit a new site, but it should be quick and then I have the rest of the day. I may go sit in and No.ble and browse books for a while - that was one of my favorite pre-baby activities and of course it's impossible to do that with a toddler!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life with a toddler

I need to remember that when living with a toddler, after every bad day, there will be a good day again.

Yesterday - 30 minute nap.
Today - 2.5+ (he's still asleep!) nap

Yesterday - breakfast on the floor, in his hair, on me, on the window, and on the dog.
Today - asked for MORE and it only took me 3 minutes to clean up the mess, because there was none!

Yesterday - screamed and cried for the trash truck to come. begged me to open the front door for the trash truck. talked nonstop about "trash truck! outside! trash truck! pease, mommy!" Didn't seem to understand when I tried to explain that the trash truck only comes twice a week.
Today - the wonderful trash truck not only came, but for some odd reason, drove down our street THREE times. Thank you Lord.

Yesterday - pulled down all the clean cups that were drying on the counter.
Today - helped clean up his room before we left for school.

Yesterday - threw dinner everywhere and refused to eat most of it.
Today - I won't be home for dinner, so it's not my problem!

It gets really tiring sometimes having a toddler. I'm tired. Are you tired? If you aren't, why not?


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Suburb girl in the city

We've been house-hunting for a few months now, but nothing has really hit the mark with either of us. Up to this point, we've mainly looked in a few of the neighborhoods right around where we live now, which would be described as one of the suburbs of L.ouis. But we haven't found anything and have been frustrated with the houses in our price range. Everything is small - small closets, small kitchen, small bedrooms, small baths, and very few of the last two. Many of the houses are 3 bedrooms and 1.5 or maybe 2 baths. Then in addition to small, you get an old kitchen, old baths, no garage, and a generally not so great house. But you're living in a great neighborhood - very family friendly - with great schools, a rec center, pool, cute downtown area - and lots of VERY nice houses right next to the not-so-great houses - it just happens that the very nice houses are about 3+ times out of our price range. If only we could afford one of those houses.

But we can't. So we started looking in the city. Just saying that makes me get a little queasy feeling in my stomach. I don't do city. I'm a suburb girl - I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas and I don't know anything else. The city makes me nervous - I feel like I'd be afraid to go out after dark or take J for a walk. And the houses are close together, with more traffic and the schools stink. But Husband grew up in the city and in the same way I consider myself a suburb person, he considers himself a city guy. He loves it - loves the little neighborhood bars and restaurants and stores, loves the ease of getting downtown, loves the original woodwork and trim and doors and layout of the homes, and he wants to move there. So I've finally given in and agreed to look at houses there.


The houses in OUR price range (which isn't much, folks) are unbelievable. And they have UPDATED KITCHENS. Which, if you aren't currently house-hunting and not up to speed on the lingo, could mean many things. For instance, some people call something "updated" if they painted within the last ten years. Or actually mopped the floors. But these houses in the city? THESE ARE REAL UPDATED KITCHENS. With stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, center islands, and room to walk around. And the baths? Huge. Master bath with walk-in showers and separate whirlpool tubs and double vanity. Huge bedrooms. Modern, pott.ery barn paint colors. Huge walk-in closets with build-in organizers. And all this with the unbelievable craftsmanship of these late 1800s homes - solid wood staircases with intricately carved designs and built-in benches, huge arched ceilings with beautiful trim and molding, solid wood pocket doors, stain glass windows, and wood floors with inlaid designs. Many of the homes also have a third floor room, which would make a great playroom or office space. And this is in addition to four bedrooms and 2.5 baths!

And there are lots of families moving in to these neighborhoods because all these houses are being rehabbed. And although the public schools stink, there is a great parochial school nearby, which is always an option for us. So I'm trying to figure out if I really will be happy living there or if it is just too different than how I see myself. And if the suburbs mean that much to me, and the city that much to Husband, then is he really unhappy living here? Is it ridiculous that I think of myself as a suburb person and feel odd about living in the city?

I think I might be more of a updated kitchen/bath/big bedrooms/big closet kind of girl and maybe it doesn't/shouldn't matter where I find it.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meme to start the year

January: Started blogging, as I was now home more during the day and had been reading blogs for a few months. Officially "quit" my pre-baby job and no longer went into work there, although I kept doing some consulting for them from home. J no longer went to daycare and instead I worked during his naps and traded babysitting with another mom. Started weaning him to formula/cup. Took a fun road trip to see one of my best friends. Started working out at the Y. J started swim classes.

February: Husband made dinner for us on Valentines, which was really nice. Went to the annual V-day benefit dinner for local children's hospital and got to hang out with Husband's best friend and Husband's ex-girlfriend, who is married to his best friend. I would link to the post explaining them but for some reason I can't pull it up. It's in the January archives. Spent a lot of time working on a grant for my old pre-baby job.

March: Cleaned out our basement, finally, after it still being filled with boxes from moving 1.5 years earlier (unfortunately, it now needs to be cleaned out again!). Weaned J completely onto formula/bottle.

April: J turned 1; all our family came in town to celebrate. He also started walking, which completely changed my world (and helped me lose the last few baby pounds!). Started taking J with us to Car.dinal baseball games, which was a blast. He's still obsessed with baseball. Took a family trip to Litt.le R.ock for a friends wedding and had lots of fun.

May: Took a family vacation with my family to Bal.timore and had a great time shopping and taking J to the children's museum there. Started J in a parents day out program and stopped trading babysitting. Started a great playgroup with a few other moms (which unfortunately broke apart at the end of summer because everyone's schedules changed).

June: Started working back in the office for my pre-baby job to help out during a staff transition and still kept working my "real" job. Had J in parents day out and had a regular babysitter to make it all happen. That pretty much consumed the entire month.

July: 4th of July - lots of fun taking J to the parade and festival. Kept working two jobs. Started to think I was crazy for doing so. Went to visit my grandmother with J and my parents.

August: Finally cut back on pre-baby job work. Life calmed down a bit. Went with J to spend a few days with a friend and her baby out of town. Husband and I took our first trip alone,without J, and had a wonderful time on the beach. J really starts to show his personality and is talking more, which is a blast. Gave up on straightening my hair and started wearing it wavy.

September: Got rid of the summer babysitter who I ended up hating. Found a wonderful new sitter who has turned out to be really good. J started cussing, which he learned from me. Got to hang out with some friends who I don't see very much.

October: Turned 30. Feel really old when I realize that I can remember when my dad turned 30. Hosted a Bun.ko party. J's second Halloween, but the first time we went trick or treating.

November: My best friend came to visit. Had my first fundraiser for the I work for - it went really well. Went to Missi.issi.ppi for Thanksgiving and got to run around on the farm for a few days.

December: Christmas with a toddler. I'm still not sure where the entire month went, but it was fun.