Thursday, October 25, 2007

Out of commission

I've been lacking in posts lately - just too much going on off the computer and not enough computer time! I love catching up on everyone else's blogs, and by the time I do that, there isn't anytime left to blog myself! Oh well - after November 3, things will slow down again.

A quick recap -

I celebrated my 30th birthday, so I'm officially out of my twenties. I'm kind of glad to enter a new decade - too much that went on in my twenties that I'm glad to leave behind! (nothing bad, I'm just glad to be settled with my husband and son and no longer in those crazy dating years!)

J and I spent a few days in Te.xas with my family - I can't believe how the shopping in Da.llas just keeps getting better and better. I found a bunch of VERY nice dress shirts for Husband at the Mar.cus outlet for $19 each - normally $135 and up!

J has had a horrible case of the runs - we've gone through FIVE outfits today. It's been awful.

He's screaming upstairs right now - probably because the dog ate his banana bread. So I better run and check on things.

more later.

Friday, October 5, 2007

And one more thing for today

The first part of this article really sounds odd . . . how does ri.ce "esc.ape"?

All of the recent food contamination and toy recalls is starting to make me concerned about what we eat and what J's playing with. I'm toying with the idea of starting our own garden - we don't really have a good space for it, and I tend to kill every plant I've ever had, but my parents were great gardeners and so I'm hoping it's in my genes somewhere and I just have to coax it out.

But rice? I can't grow rice. And hamburgers? I can't butcher my own cows! So even if I do start a garden, it's won't fix everything. And then there's things like this. I don't want to live in fear, but there is so much out there that goes wrong that sometimes I wished we had a little bubble with everything we needed inside.

[I had to go back and edit this to keep the phrase "ric.e es.cape" from showing up on a google search - I made the mistake of telling a "real-life" friend about the article and the phrase es.cape, and she was going to go look it up! So I didn't want this blog to pop up when she did!]

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Angry baby

I don't think J likes me very much today! He seems bored hanging out with me. Husband has either worked late this week or, the one night he got home earlier, we went out to see some friends and had a babysitter. So J has not seen him much this week and I think he's really antsy for someone other than me! I can't seem to do anything that makes him happy (except finally give in and turn Elmo on tv). When I was making his lunch, he just sat in his chair and screamed. So I took him out, thinking something was wrong, and then he just wanted back in the chair! When I gave him his food, he threw all of it off the tray onto the floor. I looked over at the half-empty bottle of wine from last night and wondered if 3 pm was too early to start drinking?

Monday, October 1, 2007

The One with All the Ex-Girlfriends

I always loved how Friends episodes were titled - every show started with "The One With" and then had the rest of the title. So when I start to feel like my life should be a sitcom, I like to make up "The One With" titles that describe whatever is going on and then I feel like it's a little funnier. Kind of silly, I know, but it helps. I find myself laughing at myself for the silly title and then everything looks a little brighter.

So the above title encompasses my current feelings that my husband has too many ex-girlfriends that are STILL in our life in some form or fashion. I've mentioned that his best friend (they were best men in each other's weddings) not only dated my husband's ex-girlfriend, but also MARRIED her (who does that? Really? I still can't figure out how this guy missed out on one of the top dating rules of all time - you don't date your friend's leftovers. And you REALLY don't marry them). But anyway, I've worked on moving on from that.

Then there was the ex-girlfriend that tried to beat me up at a bar because she thought she should still be dating Husband. She works down the block from Husband and he sees her on the street, out at restaurants, etc. I haven't run into her recently, but she is still around and runs in some of the same circles we do.

Then at church yesterday, I head outside with J after the service and he starts playing with this other little boy his age. As I look around to see who the boy belongs with, my mother-in-law (we go to the same church as my in-laws), comes out and runs up to this very pregnant woman and gives her a hug and exclaims about how nice it is to see her. I'm still watching the boys, although I say hi to my MIL, until I realize that Husband has come outside also and gone up to this woman to say hi. He gets my attention to introduce me, and it takes me a minute when I hear her name to realize that this is ANOTHER ex-girlfriend of his that he dated for well over a year. They had been friends during high school and then dated in college and both families wanted them to get married because they were just "meant to be". Until she took off for the coast and he stayed in the mi.dwest. She's in town for another week, which means we'll most likely see them again at church or somewhere else.

So with the exception of one woman, I've now met every single one of his serious ex-girlfriends. I've also met a lot of the woman he just dated casually, and I don't even count those in the list. I'm thinking next time I go up to Chi.cago I should look up this other ex-girlfriend of his just to finish off the list. Either that or bring in all my ex-boyfriends from where they are scattered for a reunion. I think it's about time Husband should have to meet them. It's only fair. :)