Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meme to start the year

January: Started blogging, as I was now home more during the day and had been reading blogs for a few months. Officially "quit" my pre-baby job and no longer went into work there, although I kept doing some consulting for them from home. J no longer went to daycare and instead I worked during his naps and traded babysitting with another mom. Started weaning him to formula/cup. Took a fun road trip to see one of my best friends. Started working out at the Y. J started swim classes.

February: Husband made dinner for us on Valentines, which was really nice. Went to the annual V-day benefit dinner for local children's hospital and got to hang out with Husband's best friend and Husband's ex-girlfriend, who is married to his best friend. I would link to the post explaining them but for some reason I can't pull it up. It's in the January archives. Spent a lot of time working on a grant for my old pre-baby job.

March: Cleaned out our basement, finally, after it still being filled with boxes from moving 1.5 years earlier (unfortunately, it now needs to be cleaned out again!). Weaned J completely onto formula/bottle.

April: J turned 1; all our family came in town to celebrate. He also started walking, which completely changed my world (and helped me lose the last few baby pounds!). Started taking J with us to Car.dinal baseball games, which was a blast. He's still obsessed with baseball. Took a family trip to Litt.le R.ock for a friends wedding and had lots of fun.

May: Took a family vacation with my family to Bal.timore and had a great time shopping and taking J to the children's museum there. Started J in a parents day out program and stopped trading babysitting. Started a great playgroup with a few other moms (which unfortunately broke apart at the end of summer because everyone's schedules changed).

June: Started working back in the office for my pre-baby job to help out during a staff transition and still kept working my "real" job. Had J in parents day out and had a regular babysitter to make it all happen. That pretty much consumed the entire month.

July: 4th of July - lots of fun taking J to the parade and festival. Kept working two jobs. Started to think I was crazy for doing so. Went to visit my grandmother with J and my parents.

August: Finally cut back on pre-baby job work. Life calmed down a bit. Went with J to spend a few days with a friend and her baby out of town. Husband and I took our first trip alone,without J, and had a wonderful time on the beach. J really starts to show his personality and is talking more, which is a blast. Gave up on straightening my hair and started wearing it wavy.

September: Got rid of the summer babysitter who I ended up hating. Found a wonderful new sitter who has turned out to be really good. J started cussing, which he learned from me. Got to hang out with some friends who I don't see very much.

October: Turned 30. Feel really old when I realize that I can remember when my dad turned 30. Hosted a Bun.ko party. J's second Halloween, but the first time we went trick or treating.

November: My best friend came to visit. Had my first fundraiser for the I work for - it went really well. Went to Missi.issi.ppi for Thanksgiving and got to run around on the farm for a few days.

December: Christmas with a toddler. I'm still not sure where the entire month went, but it was fun.


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