Friday, January 25, 2008


I had gr.aft surgery this morning. Not fun. It's the third time I've had it done, and I saw a new per.iodon.tist for this and I don't like how he did it. It's really uncomfortable, although only slightly painful, and the packing they used to protect the donor gum site tastes awful. The per.iodon.tist I used before didn't use packing, just a plastic shield which was more comfortable.

I'm also starving. A bowl of pudding doesn't do much to fill you up. Husband is bringing home a milkshake, so that will be good. My parents are in town to watch J, so they are off at the chil.dren's museum right now with him and I'm just watching tv and doing a little work.

I've got a big meeting for work on Tuesday and I'm hoping I can talk by then! And that this packing doesn't make my br.eath stink.


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