Thursday, October 25, 2007

Out of commission

I've been lacking in posts lately - just too much going on off the computer and not enough computer time! I love catching up on everyone else's blogs, and by the time I do that, there isn't anytime left to blog myself! Oh well - after November 3, things will slow down again.

A quick recap -

I celebrated my 30th birthday, so I'm officially out of my twenties. I'm kind of glad to enter a new decade - too much that went on in my twenties that I'm glad to leave behind! (nothing bad, I'm just glad to be settled with my husband and son and no longer in those crazy dating years!)

J and I spent a few days in Te.xas with my family - I can't believe how the shopping in Da.llas just keeps getting better and better. I found a bunch of VERY nice dress shirts for Husband at the Mar.cus outlet for $19 each - normally $135 and up!

J has had a horrible case of the runs - we've gone through FIVE outfits today. It's been awful.

He's screaming upstairs right now - probably because the dog ate his banana bread. So I better run and check on things.

more later.


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