Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm addicted to Diet Coke - that's not new. But my new obsession this summer has been fountain diet cokes from McDonalds. With J hating to go in and out of his carseat, and the time he takes to fight him to get into it, I can't just run into 7-eleven to buy a coke, so the drive-thru at McDonalds has been a lifesaver. I've gone almost every day this summer to order an extra large diet coke, light ice. It's technically the "HUGO" drink, but I just can't bring myself to call it that. What does "HUGO" mean? Does it stand for something? I don't like it when they try to come up with some "buzzword" like that, so I just call it an "extra-large".

Typically this runs me 96 cents - not too bad, but considering how often I go to get one, it's not exactly a bargain when you add it all up. This morning, however, there was a new woman at the payment window, and when I pulled up, she noticed that I had a McDonalds cup already in my console (left over from yesterday), and changed my order to charge me only 53 cents! She said this was the "refill" price. I told her that I didn't want my new drink in my old cup, because it was gross with melted coke-water, and she said that they always put the refills in new cups!

Does that make sense to you? How is that a refill?

I'm not going to argue with cheaper prices, however, so I gladly paid my 53 cents and got my drink (in a clean, new cup). The woman said that anytime you have an old cup in your car, with you, then you can get the refill price.

I'm so glad there was this new woman filling in today, and I'm a little ticked off at my usual payment window woman, because she has never told me about this, even though I have a cup in my console almost every day! I always throw away the cup from the day before at the trash can in the drive-thru, after I get my new coke.
Did you know about the refill option at McDonalds?



  • I missed this post before. I, too, am obsessed with diet coke. That can't be good! My favorite is diet cherry coke. I try to not drink caffeine every day though, so I keep caffeine-free diet cokes at home. They are just not the same. I'm the opposite of you though--I like to buy them in the bottle, without ice. McDonalds now sometimes has bottles...I wonder if they offer a refill price on that? :)

    By Blogger Karen, at August 21, 2007 at 10:53 AM  

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