Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Do you think you could pretend to be me for a few minutes . . .

and call up my old boss and tell her "nope, sorry I can't keep coming in to your office to work because I have another job - Oh, and I only have my son in childcare 20 hours a week, and if I'm up at your office 20 hours a week, that leaves no time for me to do my REAL job without also chasing a toddler around at the same time!"

I'm really tempted to just complete my own termination paperwork (I handled all the personnel work in the position anyway), call her up, and say "I just fired myself, so I won't be in again".

I was supposed to be done with this job the end of June - but I'm not. It's like an addiction - I can't leave it, even though I really know I should.

Needless to say, it hasn't left much time for anything else, between taking care of J, working up at the old job, and then also keeping up with my real job. Blogging and any personal computer time has taken a back seat.

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