Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My other blog

I think I've mentioned on here before that I also maintain a non-anonymous family blog that consists mainly of short stories about J and lots of pictures. I had gotten really behind on updating it, so I've been spending the last few nights trying to go back two months and catch up. I hadn't posted anything on that blog since the Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt, so it had been a while. I'm up now to May, so only 6 more weeks to go!

One of the new things I added to this blog a few weeks ago was a sitemeter. I've been checking the sitemeter almost every day, because I wasn't really sure if any of our friends and family were looking at the blog or not (we don't have a lot of "blog-savvy" folks, so no one ever leaves a comment). As it turns out, we do have some faithful family and friends that have been checking it regularly even when I wasn't updating it! For most of the hits I was able to guess who they were, or at least it made sense that they were someone I knew based on their location.

Except for one. We apparently have a very regular blog-visitor on the family blog from Uni.versity of Te.nnesse at Me.mphis, who checks the blog almost every day and, on the days when there is a new post, spends a few minutes looking at it. I initially had no idea who this could be - I asked Husband if he knew of anyone affiliated with this University, and he did not. It was kind of bothering me, because this person was checking the blog on a more regular basis than my mother!

And then it hit me. I do know someone who is there - who actually has a fa.culty position there. And if it's the person I think it is, then I don't know what to make of them reading my family blog. Because this person was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. We dated for a very tumultuous 9 months, and I came to find out that he has some serious personal problems. The guy was crazy. And he brought out the absolute worst in me, and during the time we dated I engaged in some fairly negative behaviors (lots of cheating on this guy with random other guys, lots of drinking, lots of arguing, lots of not-so-good stuff). We finally ended up calling things off (after some very heated, public arguments) and we both moved on. We still have mutual friends, which is why I know where he is now, so it may be that he found the blog through one of them. It's possible also that he found it through just a google blog search of my name. And of course, it's possible it's not him.

But if it is, I want him off my blog. Where's the blog police when you need them?



  • Hmm, I wonder if there's a way to block an IP address. That would be interesting to see who's reading your blog...maybe I'll do that!

    By Blogger Karen, at June 13, 2007 at 9:02 AM  

  • I think you can block IP addresses. Of course, then he could just go to a different computer and look. You should email him with the line "Stop looking at my blog!" and see what happens :).

    By Blogger Chas, at June 15, 2007 at 9:56 PM  

  • I believe you could make that blog private with a password. I'm not sure how blogger works, but you could look into putting a password on it that you have only given to the people you want reading it. Worth looking into I would think.

    By Blogger amelia, at June 18, 2007 at 6:25 PM  

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