Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sometimes I hate trying to come up with a title everytime

We are settling back in at home after heading to Baltimore this past weekend with my family for the NCAA Men's Lac.rosse Ch.ampionship. It was a lot of fun, and the champion.ship game (D.uke vs. Joh.ns Hop.kins) was really good. We also saw a Baltmore Ori.oles game, took J to the children's museum (didn't make it to the aquarium as it was packed), hit Filen.e's Base.ment THREE times, and stayed at an awesome hotel right on the I.nner Harbor. We went with my parents and two brothers, as they are all huge lac.rosse fans. I really enjoy watching the games too, and played some back in high school, so it's fun to see a game every once in a while now that no one in my family is playing anymore.

It was crazy traveling with a 13-month old though! He didn't sleep in the plane on the way there and was wiggling all over the place. It was hard trying to fit in naps and meals on a regular schedule while trying to do things around town. J loved the hotel room though! We had a huge room with a wall of windows that looked right onto the harbor and all the boats and downtown area. He would just hang out at the window, bouncing up and down and making happy noises. He also loved the floor length mirrors in the room!

He did sleep on the flight home, but only after all over his carseat in the middle of the flight. It was such a mess that Husband and I were just laughing at the absurdity of it. We got it cleaned up, with only one wet wipe to spare, and as soon as he was back in his car seat, he went right to sleep.

Husband is out of town the next two days, so J and I are on our own. I don't mind it too much, because it's kind of nice to just have my own routine. J also goes to daycare tomorrow so I can work, so I'll have some focused child-free time then to get stuff done.

I had hoped to go to the park this afternoon, but it's started raining. Maybe we'll go to the children's museum here; I've been wanting to do that for a while.



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