Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

J. turned ONE today.

At 1:37 pm on April 19, 2006 this is what we saw:

And today, at 1:37 pm on April 19, 2007:

Wow. I'm going to write more about his day, but we're all exhausted and the fun is only starting as we have family coming in town tomorrow for his party Saturday night. Today we just celebrated with the three of us, but Saturday night we'll have all the family there.

And as a great birthday present to Husband and I, J. took his first steps today! It was especially good because Husband was home and also got to see it right when it happened. He has been so close for weeks, and I love that it finally happened on his birthday - I should have gotten him an Elmo balloon and beach ball before, because he was so excited about them that he didn't think to sit down and crawl but instead just wobbled straight towards them!

It's been a good year.

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