Thursday, February 15, 2007

10 days without a post . . .

I realized that the past few weeks were a really bad time for me to start a blog and then actually make regular posts. I've started about 10 posts in the last few days and haven't finished any of them. Why? Because stupid me, who can't say no, is still doing consulting work for my old, pre-baby job in order to help them make a March 5 deadline for a huge project. Granted, I really like the extra money and I feel really invested in this project since I'd worked on the first submission of it last year (it went in 6 weeks before J. was born, and I really thought I was going to go into early labor from all the stress and work). I was sad to leave this job, as I really did like it, and it's been nice to stay connected to it. And the work is something I feel really confident about doing, unlike my new job which is more challenging and new work.

However, every free minute I have has been spent working. I've barely been keeping up with the consulting work and barely doing the minimum I need with my real/other job. I feel like this:

Since I'm doing all this work from home (about 35 hours a week) with only 8 hours of childcare a week, it's been really hard to do anything on the computer other than work. And H. has been working late lately, and often not getting home until J. is in bed already, which means that I was entirely responsible for J. all day and all night.

Oh, and did I mention that I am also taking care of all the "what's for dinner?", "do I have any clean white shirts?", "did you pick up the dry cleaning", "when is our appointment with the accountant?", "our trees need trimming" crap. Which doesn't leave much working time, and also leaves me exhausted by the time J. goes to bed.

You know, of all the "jobs" I'm doing, the one I'd most like to quit is Wife. It's probably the least enjoyable and least self-fulfilling right now.

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