Thursday, January 18, 2007

Road trip

J. and I went for a mini road trip yesterday to meet up with one of my best friends - we live 4 hours apart (she's in Indianapolis), so we met halfway in a little town called Casey, Illinois at a restaurant I found through AAA. She is pregnant with their first child, and it was so fun to see her pregnant! She's at 33 weeks now, and it was fun talking and remembering what it was like this time a year ago. She's one of those friends that even though we don't get to see each other that often (the last time was over a year ago, when I was only about 12 weeks pregnant), we can just pick up right where we left off. I love friends like that, although I wish we lived closer and didn't have to go so long in between visits. J. and I will go out to visit when her little guy is born in a few weeks, so that is something good to look forward to.

Anyway, we chatted a lot about pregnancy, having a baby, and what life's like once you do. I love those kind of conversations as it really makes it clear how far I've come from where I was a few years and even months ago. I feel so much more confident as a mother (although I still have my doubts - like today when I asked the pediatrician what I should do for his dry skin, and the pediatrician just gave me a funny look and told me to put lotion on it! You think I could have figured that out on my own). It's so exciting to see my friends as moms and to have us share this new chapter of our lives.

J. did great the whole visit - he slept almost the entire car ride there, woke up and ate lunch with us, played, watched a DVD (yes, I let my child watch DVDs!), played some more, crawled on the table, took a nap, ate again, chatted with us a bit, and then fell back asleep in the car for the entire way home!

I woke up this morning though and wished that I was going to visit with my friend again today - it was a wonderful way to spend the day - I'm a social person and working at home now -while definitely the best thing for me right now - is a very quiet and non-social thing to do. I miss conversations with friends during the day and having people around who knew me before I was J.'s mom, since most of the adult interaction I now get is at playgroup or with other moms who I know now mainly because of J.

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  • I don't like your pediatrician's response--my daughter had problems with dry skin too. Turns out that even some of the baby shampoos/soaps are a little too perfumed. We switched to Aveeno bath stuff and lotion and that worked great. Patting her dry, rather than toweling off, helped too.

    Glad you had a great visit with your friend. I have 2 friends like that and they are treasures.

    By Blogger Angela O., at January 18, 2007 at 9:02 PM  

  • I know what you mean! I work from home too, so I get lonely. Since we moved to new city, we don't really have friends yet either. All my good friends live in other cities too, so we have the kind of relationship you're talking about. Which is great, but I wish they lived closer!

    By Blogger Karen, at January 19, 2007 at 9:38 AM  

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