Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hate rude people and I love wine.

I was making calls for work to remind our volunteers about an upcoming program and volunteer appreciation day, and I left a message for this one woman, who called me back a few minutes later. She hadn't listened to the message I left, but had just seen the number on her caller ID and was calling it back, even though she didn't know who it was. So we had a few minutes of awkward, "who are you and why are you calling" exchange:

Her: Hi, I just got a call from this number. Who is this?
ME: Oh, hi, this is Midwest Texan and I was calling people about Work; I must have left you a message. What was your name?
Her: Oh, I didn't check the messages.
ME: Ok, but who is this? (all this while I'm scanning my list of names trying to see if I can figure out who the hell this is)
Her: Oh, this is Rude Lady.
ME: Oh, ok, well I wanted to remind you about. . . . and then as I proceed to go into this, she interrupts with:
Her: Yeah, whatever, I don't have time right now for this, I'm at work.
ME: Not a problem, but you just returned my call, so . . .
Her: I can't talk, bye.

And hangs up on me.

I hate people who call people back from the caller id. Especially if they don't know who it was that called them! And then why did she call someone back if she was at work and couldn't talk anyway! The whole point of leaving someone a message is that they can then return the call at their convenience.

On the flip side, I'm drinking wine right now and so everything seems so much better. I'm trying a new white wine I picked up from Trader Joe's for $4.99: Honey Moon Viognier. It was really good - not too sweet, and just right for having a few glasses.

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  • LOLOLOLOL...the whole calling back from caller id thing ticks me off. If I left a message, listen to it and then return my call. If I didn't leave a message, maybe I didn't really need to talk to you.

    Enjoy the wine!

    By Blogger Jodie, at January 26, 2007 at 7:54 AM  

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