Monday, January 15, 2007

Broken glass

Until I married my husband, I'd never broken a glass or a plate or anything before. I still haven't, but for some reason H. has this uncanny knack for breaking things - he's actually managed to break at least 3 wine glasses just holding them in his hands!

It turns out that J. has inherited this trait - he broke his first glass today. What was my child doing with a real glass, you ask? Well, I have this set of pint glasses that I collected while in college from my favorite bar that used to give them out every Monday. They are from the distributors and are primarily promotional items with the beer's logo on them and sometimes they had some for special events (e.g., they had a glass for the anniversary of Elvis's death). I had a bunch of these originally, most of which have disappeared, leaving me with a set of 8 different glasses. Fortunately, these are some of my favorites - my "Elvis is dead" one, Fat Tire (my favorite beer in college), and a few others that have some meaning to me. H. likes using them, as do I, but he tends to leave them on the coffee table in the den.

Well, J. was crawling around the den while I was working this morning, and as he often does now, was quickly around the couch into the other part of the den. So I got up to go get him, and as I did, I saw him standing by the coffee table with a glass still on it - I kind of stood there, thinking to myself, "I really should grab that glass", but just as I thought it, he grabbed on to it, pulled it over, and then let go, where it dropped onto the table, leaving J. holding a piece of it!

I was afraid to do anything too sudden for fear that it would scare him and he'd drop from standing down onto the glass on the floor, but I also though of him putting the broken glass in his mouth! I'm not really sure what I did, but I know I managed to scoop him up and take the glass out of his hand at the same time - I don't really remember if he'd gotten it up to his mouth or not, but I don't think he did.

I got it all cleaned up, but am still shaking from it - I think I'm going to take him and head up to the Y for a run so I can relax a little!



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