Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anonymous blogging

Well, I stink at the whole anonymous part of blogging. My first comment (thanks Morgan!) mentioned how hard it was to keep up two blogs - and I'm finding that even after a week, it is a bit much. I keep worrying that I'm going to be logged in with the non-anonymous account and make a post to the wrong blog or something. I also realized that I left a comment on someone's blog earlier this week with my real name but then a link to this blog. And of course, being new to commenting, I have no idea how to remove/edit it. If anyone knows how to edit a comment you left on someone else's blog, please let me know!

But aside from that, I'm really enjoying having this space. I'm going to keep playing with the template and layout a little over the next few days, so if you see something you like/don't like, please let me know!

And since I know pictures of babies are always fun, here's one of my little guy (I'm figuring that if anyone I know ever does end up on this blog, there's enough on it that they'll probably be able to figure out it's me anyway, so seeing J. doesn't matter too much!!:

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  • Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my's so great to meet new bloggers and find new sites to stalk!
    And: OMG. Can we just DISCUSS how awesome the Music Table is? Henry LOVES the banjo!

    By Blogger Lizzy, at January 12, 2007 at 7:01 AM  

  • Great blog! I sometimes think of starting an anonymous one too, since all my family, friends & co-workers read mine. I started it to be all about Jenna, but now I find that I can't say what I really want to when it's not about her.

    Regarding the thing about the DNA testing kit at Target--could this be for safety in case the kid gets lost? Like a way to track him/her down? I really have to hope that we haven't gotten to a point where they carry "who's your daddy" kits at Target!!!

    By Blogger Karen, at January 12, 2007 at 7:55 AM  

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