Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm not hungry.

I just ate lunch. And had a peppermint concrete for dessert.

But this?

This just came in the mail. Well, not really the mail. It came by truck. Along with five boxes of coffee mugs (work gifts), a box of books from my brother for our Christmas gifts, and a box of leapf.rog books that I ordered when they had a huge 70% off sale last week (8 leap pad books for $22!).

And I'm torn between wanting to dig right into all the goodies in the basket and wanting to just leave it be, because it looks so pretty with it's decorative bow and artfully arranged boxes.

Boxes of Godiva chocolate. And smoked salmon. And a little jar of olives. And I think I even see a wheel of cheese. And Lindt truffles.

I love Christmas.



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