Monday, November 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

I have not felt like blogging lately, although I have been enjoying blog-reading! I've found a few new favorites recently, especially Moosh in Indy. As the wife of an attorn.ey, I can really relate to this and this and I love her writing. I think I'll be writing more now - work will be slow until the first of the year, so I'm hoping to get a little more "fun" computer time.

One of the things I'm trying to work on now that I'm not so busy with work is to be more organized and proactive with our meals (although H. wants me to be less structured/organized and more flexible, which should be the topic of my next post!), and so I'm trying to start back up with meal planning. I've always gotten ideas from the Menu Plan Monday on Organizing Junkie, so I'm contributing my list for this week.

Here it is:

Monday: Hamburger cheesy noodles (from a box, with added ground beef); salad for Husband and broccoli for me
Tuesday: Chicken and bacon Alfredo pasta; mixed vegetables
Wednesday: Date night (out to dinner and then to hear the P.o.rn De.bate)
Thursday: Crockpot beef stew
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: out to a holiday party
Sunday: Husband cooks (although he doesn't know it yet!)

I'm really looking forward to the beef stew, since it is one of Husband's favorite meals and I haven't made it in a while!

I don't know if I've mentioned it on here, but one of my frustrations with cooking (which I love to do) is that Husband has a significantly long list of dislikes - in fact, if it's not steak, bacon, pork steak, potatoes, spinach, or asparagus, he probably doesn't like it. His biggest dislikes are any type of bean or pea, seafood (which he claims to be allergic to), and broccoli. Since those are probably in my top 10 list of favorite foods, it makes cooking very frustrating. But I'm going to try and be a good wife and work around this with some creative meal planning!



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