Saturday, September 1, 2007

Potty Training and Hawaii

Two things going on right now -

#1. I've been thinking alot lately about when and how to start potty training J. I've seen a few other folks with kids of similar age talking about this lately, here and here, for example - and J has shown some signs that he's thinking about it. He's very interested in the toilet, in helping when we're on the toilet, he's extremely predictable with his #2 (I know that's such an immature way to refer to it, but I hate any word that can be used to describe it and I feel weird talking about it anyway!), he wakes up dry from naps, and he shows signs when he's got a wet/dirty diaper (although no words for either yet). The friend that we visited with this week was telling me that she's heard that you either train them before 2 or after 3, but not in between. Her sister-in-law trained her boys when they were 18 months old, and said that the only "readiness" indicator was that they were on a predicable schedule for when they went #2. Which J is. So I was thinking that it might be worth trying.

I really don't mind diapers though, and I hate the idea of accidents or making him not want to do it because we push it too soon, and I have NO idea how to even start. I'm sure there are a million books I could read, but I don't know which. I don't even know what kind of potty to get or if we should just teach him on our seat (we have a really small bathroom too, so I don't know where we would keep the potty!). And are you supposed to teach little boys to standing up or sitting down?

I'm thinking I could just do what I did with sleep training - which was spend way too much money on books, waste time reading them, decide they were all crap, and then just do it more by my own intuition than some published protocol. It worked fairly well - he usually goes down without any problem for nap and bed, although once or twice a week he has trouble falling asleep and/or wakes up during the night. But he general he did really well getting over the "let's wake up and hang out with mom and dad three times a night" stage that lasted from 6 months to 11 months.


#2. A good friend of mine is in town from Hawaii this week! She came over for lunch today, with another mutual friend of ours and her two kids, and we had a blast. It was so great to catch up with her - she's younger than my other friend and I, and still single, and we always loved living somewhat vicariously through her stories of dating, going out until 3 am, buying yourself clothes or whatever you wanted, and feeling like your life was still a blank slate. I know that when you are in that phase it actually seems more frustrating sometimes than when everything seems more "certain" - marriage, house, kids, etc - but she is someone who really embraces each phase of her life and lives it to the fullest. And so it's neat to hear her talk about how much fun she is having!

Ah, to be young again. :)


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