Monday, April 30, 2007

National Day of Prayer

This Thursday, May 3rd, is National Day of Prayer. When I was in high school, I used to participate in a number of events for this - a huge group of students would all gather around the flagpole in a huge circle and pray, our church youth group would always hold an afternoon prayer event, and because my mother usually assisted with coordinating the event with our church and city, I would also participate in the city event. In college, there was a very small group that got together - I went my first year, but then never quite made it back after that. And since finishing college and graduate school, I have always noticed the signs for the events but have never made it to something.

So this year I want to do something. And I've been thinking about prayer a lot lately and how to better find time for it instead of just having a few minutes here and there when I pray. I've also been trying to work on praying not just for myself and my family, but for my friends and those around me.

So to "celebrate" National Day of Prayer, I want to pray for you this week, and especially on Thursday. And I want to encourage each of us to pray for each other. Here's how:

1. Create a post on your blog that mentions the National Day of Prayer and links back to this post. In your post, also include your prayer requests.

2. Sign the Mr. Linky, linking back to your post on your blog.

3. Pray for the person above you on the Mr. Linky (visit their post, and sign their comments to let them know you are praying for them).

I'll pray for each of you, and for whoever signs under me, here are my prayer requests:

~ We really need to find a church home
~ I want to develop more friendships with other Christian women, who are open to talking about their faith and helping each other grow in their relationship with Christ.



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