Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Why I started this blog

About 2 weeks before giving birth to my first son ("J.") I started getting restless. I'd finally finished setting up the nursery, washing and putting away new clothes, filled the freezer with food, loaded all my favorite CDs onto to my Ipod to listen to during labor, finished unpacking in our new kitchen, made lists of what I wanted to happen during labor, and packed my bags. I'd also cleaned all of our windowsills, on the outside (which my husband pointed out was a pointless thing to clean since it would just get dirty again in a day), vacuumed everything in our house, including the cats, and was still working a full-time job. For some reason though, I got bored in the evenings. So I decided to start a blog to "journal" everything that was going on and my thoughts as I headed into motherhood. I had ideas of having this witty, somewhat sarcastic, blog with all my insightful and poignant thoughts. This worked for the first few posts. Then the baby was born, and my blog quickly turned into me just posting picture after picture of the baby. It's not that I didn't want to write, I just didn't have the time. And his pictures were so cute, words weren't needed!

But in spite of this, I keep having all these conversations with myself about what was going on during this [amazing!] time and wishing I had someplace to write things down. I also became a regular reader of a number of great blogs, most of which are written my moms with babies who are around the same age as J. I realized that a lot of what I really wanted to say on my blog was not anything that I would have included on my original blog, since so many of my friends and family check it for updated pictures of J.

So this blog is my answer to all that. It's the place where I can say what I really wanted to say, but couldn't.

I hope I can be better about writing on this blog than I ever have been with keeping up with diaries or journals!

So here goes.



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